Indoor and Outdoor Challenge Course Inspections

ABEE provides technical inspection services for indoor and outdoor challenge courses. All technical inspection assessment is based on criteria required by current ACCT Installation and Inspection Standards. Inspections are typically completed in one day and include review of equipment, challenge course activities, and policy/procedure manual. Minor adjustments will be made as necessary and a written evaluation that addresses required changes for standard compliance will be submitted.

Request Inspection

If you would like to request an inspection by ABEE, either call: (920) 474-7172 or toll free: 800-273-7172, or click here to fill out our contact form.

Reach New Heights with ABEE

Do you want to see people just like you reaching new heights? Interested in seeing ABEE products in use? Visit our photo gallery for some great shots of zip lines, climbing walls, climbing towers, and challenge courses. Contact us to talk about your specific needs or shop our online store to get the gear you've been looking for.

Outdoor high elements challenge course.Beginning build of an indoor climbing wall.Outdoor high elements challenge course.ABEE climbing tower.Young girl climbing an ABEE climbing tower.Outdoor climbing tower and challenge course.The other side of one of the ABEE climbing towers.Kids figuring out the spider web in San Antonio.Challenge course spider web.Indoor climbing workshop.


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