Challenge Course and Climbing Wall Training Schedule


Open Enrollment - HIGH ONLY Level 1 Certification Training

June 4 - 8, 2018

Beber Camp

W 1741 Co Rd J

Mukwonago, WI 53149


Trudy Sirkis


This training is for pepople who are new to the industry and are seeking the training needed to facilitate a challenge course progam. This certification enables the facilitator to grow as they gain more experience. It will last for 1 year and can be renewed with a wrtitten and skills test annually. This training will cover field activities, group initiatives, high challenge course elements, and specialty elements. Low elements will not be covered in this training. On site housing and meal plan avalible for additional cost.

 Please contact Trudy for more information and to register. 




Reach New Heights with ABEE

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Indoor climbing wall during build.Outdoor high elements challenge course.Challenge course spider web.ABEE climbing tower.Beginning build of an indoor climbing wall.Young girl climbing an ABEE climbing tower.Outdoor high elements challenge course.Girls getting ready to zip line in San Antonio.Kids figuring out the spider web in San Antonio.


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