Challenge course with high elements, ropes course, and climbing wall designed and built by ABEE Inc. in Colorado.

Custom Adventure Course Design

Two men in safety gear traverse the wire ropes high above the ground as they go through high ropes course training at a challenge course designed and built by ABEE Inc.
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Training and ACCT Certification

Black challenge course harnesses and blue helmets lined up and laying on the green grass.

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ABEE is a full-service aerial park, challenge course, and canopy / zip line tour company that provides services in adventure education and experiential program design to educational institutions, camps, conference and outdoor education centers, resorts, health care providers, and corporations.

Canopy challenge course designed and built by ABEE Inc.

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Custom Adventure Course Designs & Trainings

We design, install, inspect, and equip courses all over the US as well as internationally. In addition, we provide certification trainings for staff that can be tailored to specific courses.

ACCT Professional Vendor Member
ACCT Accredited

ABEE is a well-seasoned and experienced provider that incorporated and initiated business in the mid-eighties. As a Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) ABEE is accredited to provide course installation, inspection, training and certification. ABEE has had a significant history with the Association since its inception through active representation on the board of directors, technical operations and installation standards committees, and numerous panels and task force groups.

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