Challenge course with high elements, rope bridges, towers, and low elements designed and built by ABEE Inc. in Idaho.

Custom Built Challenge Course

Endless Possibilities

ABEE designs and builds challenge courses of the highest quality available and conforming to current ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) standards.

Priding ourselves on creativity and innovative design, ABEE will work with you to establish an exciting challenge course curriculum of activities that is "need specific" in respect to usage, site availability, and budget.

Our project gallery is a great place to view our past builds and start planning yours.

Treetop view of an aerial / canopy challenge course with high and low elements designed and built by ABEE Inc. in Ely, Minnesota.
Challenge course with high and low elements designed and built by ABEE Inc. in the woods.

Innovative Design

With years of experience in challenge course construction, ABEE offers many low and high element activities to choose from, each presenting challenges that vary in difficulty and purpose.

Both indoor and outdoor courses are available.

Check out our project gallery to get inspiration for your custom built ABEE challenge course.

Hometown Shoutout and Showcase

ABEE has had close relationships with many great organizations over the years, and one of them is right in our own backyard at the high school in Holmen, Wisconsin. We've enjoyed installing, training, and inspecting for their passionately run challenge course and climbing program.

Holmen High School's 6th Grade Challenge Course Day

Holmen High School has a rich challenge course and climbing program as part of their Adventure Education curriculum. During 6th Grade Adventure Days, every sixth grader in the district has the opportunity to experience the high ropes course and participate in team building activities.

Upper classman from the high school, who have been involved with the challenge course program, help the certified staff to facilitate the sixth grader's experience. Holmen has universal elements and adaptive equipment so every student can participate on their course!

What Are You Waiting For?

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