Two men in safety gear traverse the wire ropes high above the ground as they go through high ropes course training at a challenge course designed and built by ABEE Inc.

Training and ACCT Certification

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ABEE believes thorough technical training is necessary to provide safe and consistent programming. Professional commitment in both practice and purpose is essential for programs to be effective and need specific.

The overall goal of technical training is to teach participants the skills and information necessary to feel comfortable and capable when using their course. All training criteria are in accordance with ABEE policy and current ACCT Standards.

Technical and facilitation skill training is available to assist in the effective involvement of children and adults with disabilities into new or existing adventure programs.

Challenge course with high elements, ropes course, and climbing wall designed and built by ABEE Inc. in Colorado.
A young woman in a black climbing harness attached to a wire cable and wearing a blue climbing helmet, safely traverses a rope net attached to a canopy challenge course designed and built by ABEE Inc. in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Comprehensive Training and Certification

The comprehensive training and certification programs offered by ABEE cover the following:

  • Technical instruction for general course operations.
  • Skill teaching and testing.
  • Written testing.
  • Development of an outline for a policy / procedure manual.
  • Activity sequencing.
  • Liability considerations.
  • Course maintenance.
  • Equipment care.
  • ACCT standard interpretation.

Training And Certification Programs Offered


ABEE's comprehensive training covers technical instruction for a range of experience levels.

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"Challenge In"

A good choice for practitioners with previous training and facilitation experience looking for certification.

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ABEE's recertifications verify existing knowledge, skills, and facilitation experience.

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Custom Workshops

ABEE can provide client and site-specific, custom training workshops.

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Upcoming Trainings

Level 2 Certification Training - Facilitator's Master Class

March 14 - 18, 2022

La Crosse, WI


This level 2 training offers advanced technical skills for facilitating low, high, and specialty challenge course elements. This course will also take a deep dive into the soft skills of facilitation; focusing on key social and emotional practices that engage and motivate participants. Through the practice of identifying and meeting motivational needs, participants begin to operate at the learning edge and in turn maximize the outcomes of both individual and group experiences on the challenge course.

The training will include aspects of advanced challenge course facilitation, programming, operations, risk management, and rescue procedures. While this course is not intended to prepare you to train others, it will prepare you to observe and mentor other facilitators. This training will include presentation, discussion, experiential components, and participation on the challenge course. Visit our Certifications Page for a list of prerequisites or contact us to register.

A young woman in a black harness and wearing a blue climbing helmet, safely rides a zip line attached to a challenge course designed and built by ABEE Inc. in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

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