10.7mm (660ft) big gym rope.

Sterling 10.7mm Big Gym Rope (Per/ft)

Regular price$1.50

Easy to grab and handle, the Big Gym is built for repeated abuse with a beefy diameter for added longevity. This rope is a great value for institutions and adventure courses.

Available for purchase by the foot.

If you would like to have the rope cut to specific lengths (example: 3 lengths each 50 feet long), please do the following:

  1. Enter the specific number of lengths you'd like the rope cut into in the "How Many Lengths Of Big Gym 10.7mm Rope Would You Like?" field below (example: 3).
  2. Enter the number of feet each length should be cut into in the "How Long Should Each Big Gym 10.7mm Rope Length Be?" field below (example: 50 feet).
  3. Adjust the product quantity for the total length, in feet, of rope being ordered (example: 150).

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