Yellow and black colored Petzl trac guide.

Petzl TRAC GUIDE Trolley

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The Petzl TRAC GUIDE is a trolley designed for adventure parks.


  • An ergonomic captive carabiner allows the guide to quickly install the trolley on the cable with one hand
  • Carabiner pivots allow the trolley to remain in position on the cable when it makes contact with the end brake of the zip line.
  • The ends are equipped with protective impact surfaces to reduce the risk of pinched fingers, and two connector support grooves to help avoid abrasion from the cable.
  • The JOKO and AVENTEX lanyards are directly integrated into the carabiner, limiting the risk of separation or loss.
  • The carabiner’s reinforced construction provides greater resistance to damp and salty environments.
  • Product life is extended with highly durable bearings and removable impact surfaces available as spare parts.

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